Seasonal Marketing: How to get your digital signage ready for the Holidays

How to get your digital signage ready for the Holidays

As we enter into November, we also enter into the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. All are big events for retail and it’s crucial that you’re prepared if you want in on the action.

You can’t miss having a digital signage strategy on the list. Digital signage can bring your store to life by promoting sales, turning your store into a winter wonderland, and keeping employees and customers informed. If you want to create a truly magical holiday experience for your customers and boost your sales, it’s time to think digital.

Here are our top tips for making the most out of your digital signage this holiday season.

It's never too late for digital signage

If you haven’t yet deployed digital signage in your stores, it’s not too late. If you like the sound of boosting sales, keeping costs down, and reducing your environmental footprint, then digital signage is for you.

These days traditional paper signage can feel outdated. Also, printing and delivery costs are high. Instead, you can install digital screens in your store and share engaging and relevant content to your customers within minutes.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, talk to our experts today to get your digital signage installed before the holiday season. Wovenmedia can help with every step of the process and because we have been doing this since 2010, you know you’re in good hands.

Using the right content in your digital signage screens

However, having digital screens within your store is only half the battle. The key to your digital signage strategy is the right content.

This holiday season, engage and entertain your customers with movie trailers and clips from TV shows. Want to inspire your customers with recipes to impress this holiday season? You can offer them that. Even more, all the ingredients they need could be in easy reach.

And don’t forget about the audio! Nothing puts your customers into a Holiday mood more than music while they shop and browse. The right music sets the tone. In fact, holiday music causes a pleasant neurological effect in which the brain’s pleasure circuit is stimulated, releasing dopamine and serotonin. Which is why you have those happy feelings!

Up-selling items based on location, holiday, or weather is easy with digital signage. One person can update hundreds of screens around the country with one click.

We’ve put together a holiday content playlist to help you get started, you can preview it here:

Preview Holiday Playlist

Use it to promote your other digital channels

As we move into a digital world, it’s so important to embrace the coming together of offline and online. Social media can have a massive effect on how customers choose to spend their money. Showcase your social media in-store by connecting your feeds and your screens.

You can also create a seamless experience between your store and your website by using digital signage this holiday season. Incentivize customers to shop in-store, or remind them that you have an online presence, combining the best of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to maximize sales.

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The holiday season is getting here fast, and it’s important for all industries to be prepared. Need help with deploying digital signage in your stores? Or are you looking for a new content strategy? Talk to our experts today or sign-up for a free trial!

Written by Alexandra Wyllie