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Use the power of video to engage and inform your patients and guests with digital signage in your medical facility

Using digital signage for healthcare can reduce perceived wait times, delivers important information, and keeps visitors engaged

digital signage for healthcare

Engage your guests in the waiting room

Nobody likes waiting, but with a private healthcare digital signage network running the right content in your TVs, the waiting goes by faster.

An informed patient is a better patient

Use video to help your patients help themselves by keeping their treatment on target and improve their outcome.

digital signage for medical facilities

A private TV network can be an additional stream

Add some relevant promotional content to your hospital digital signage line-up and make your network pay for itself.

Informed patients boost outcomes

One key benefit from digital signage for hospital and medical facilities is having your own waiting room TV network.

Not only keep patients and guests entertained with great content, but you can also broadcast important healthcare information that can increase patient engagement and make for better outcomes.

We can make this digital signage solution a reality for medical centers.

digital signage for healthcare
digital signage for healthcare. magazine cover with danger sign on it

No more old magazines with hospital digital signage

The visit to almost any medical facility includes some amount of waiting. And when your guests grow tired of looking at their phones (and many offices have limited wi-fi), they need something to keep them occupied. 

The days of touched-by-everyone magazines are over, having digital signage for hospitals and healthcare facilities in your waiting rooms deliver experiences that keep visitors informed, entertained, and engaged. 

We have the software, content, and expertise to build a successful healthcare digital signage for your waiting room

WovenManager Content Managerment System

Digital Signage Content Management

The software that's loaded with the features you need to control every aspect of your network

Premium Video Content for Digital Signage​

Premium Video Content for Digital Signage

A video library filled with health & wellness content appropriate for almost any healthcare facility network

Enterprise Video Streaming

Enterprise Video Streaming

Our complete suite of services include network design, installation, content creation, and 24/7/365 tech support