Use digital signage to engage and inform your customers while they wait at your auto service center

Digital signage solutions in dealerships and auto service centers can reduce perceived wait times, promote products & services, and strengthen brand loyalty

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Upgrade the customer lounge experience

Digital signage for automotive allows you to reduce perceived wait times with interactive, relevant, and engaging video content.

digital signage for banking

Drive marketing initiatives on digital screens

Upsell products & services, share promotional offers and important vehicle information.

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Boost loyalty with a branded waiting area TV network

Better informed customers are more loyal customers. Entertained visitors are happy visitors.

Use digital signage at your dealership to highlight the latest innovations

New car design innovations come faster than most people can comprehend, and some are downright confusing. But having a digital signage network at your showroom helps you capture your visitors’ attention. Your customer lounge is the perfect tool to help you communicate the latest and greatest you have to offer. 

  • Cars look awesome on video screens, use them to show off the latest designs 
  • Incorporate your brand’s broadcast commercials to support sales 
  • Mix with appropriate, third-party content that supports your brand’s style

Take the pain out of waiting for your car service to finish

Nobody likes waiting, and nowhere is that more true than waiting to get your car back from being serviced. But with automotive digital signage, the wait time doesn’t need to be wasted time. Keep your audience engaged with the right mix of video content playing on high-definition screens in your customer lounge. 

  • Captivate your audience with entertaining content for your car showroom
  • Inform your customers about the latest information relevant to their auto service visit

Engaging, appropriate, rights-cleared content for dealerships and auto service customer lounges

Support your brand’s video messaging with third-party content, curated for the automotive space from WovenContent video library.
  • Attract viewers with entertainment, sports, lifestyle content, and more
  • Hours of new content, hundreds of fresh videos added to the library daily
  • WovenContent is included with WovenManager, or by monthly subscription