Food Service

Use video digital signage for restaurants to engage with your customers and make your brand stand out

Digital signage solutions will play in integral part in the future of restaurants and take-out food experience. Automate menu boards, create contactless checkout, and drive additional revenues

digital signage for food service

Video menu boards boost appetites

Use automated digital menu boards to add mouth-watering video of your best selling items, daily specials, and more.

digital signage for food service

Screen technology makes dining safer

Offer customers the safety and security of a contactless checkout process that creates a seamless experience.

Satisfy the hunger for new menu choices

Use digital signage to promote new items, special offers and discounts, or share custom QR codes in your restaurant.

Digital signage helps restaurants succeed in the new normal

The 2020 shutdown has changed the food service industry more than any other, but by deploying the right digital signage solutions, the future of dining and take-away experiences can be better than ever. 

Digital signage for restaurants done right can leave guests engaged, informed, entertained, and most of all, feeling safe and secure in your establishment wanting to come back.

restaurant digital signage. digital menu boards used
digital digital signage for restaurants

Content management is a key ingredient

With the right content management system (CMS), dine-in or take-out food providers can use digital screens to attract customers with enticing videos of food.

Using digital signage for food service allows you to integrate with APIs and automate menu boards, facilitate contactless checkout screens, and more.