The content management system designed for digital signage that comes complete with amazing, rights-cleared content

A unique combination of video processing, premium video content, and unlimited publishing options, that makes WovenManager the ideal CMS for digital signage

Built-in video processing graphic

Built-in video processing

Our automatic cloud video processing engine encodes any file type to run seamlessly in HD, 4K.

Effortless content management graphic

Easy to use content management system

Painlessly create playlists, channels and campaigns, then publish to any screen, and have fun doing it.

Targeted messaging in a snap

Targeted messaging in a snap

Easily get the right digital signage/video message to the right audience at the right time.

Use the power of video-based digital signage to bring your marketing to life

With WovenManager, someone with zero technical experience can easily leverage the captivating combination of video and digital signage to boost their brand experience, engage customers, drive conversion, and profits.

No credit card required

content management system used in-store
content management system in-store screens

The content management system designed for speed, performance, and scalability

WovenManager™ handles itself under pressure. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting features provide for the highest levels of system uptime with minimal support costs – critical considerations for large-scale deployments.

Publishes multiple video formats automagically graphic

Processes multiple video formats automatically

Like magic, your uploaded content is automatically optimized in a variety of formats for crystal clear viewing on any type of screen.

Masterful campaign management and tracking tools graphic

Masterful campaign management and tracking tools

WovenManager’s advanced tools for inventory management and campaign targeting radically simplifies the complexities of coordinating media to match different campaigns.

Content scheduling down to the individual screen it plays on graphic

Content scheduling down to an individual screen

Schedule playback of individual videos or entire playlists to play at a specific time and day of the week, on your entire network or on a single screen.

Dynamic publishing of video channels with pin-point accuracy graphic

Dynamic publishing of video channels with pin-point accuracy

No other digital signage content management system gives you more precise publishing controls, than WovenManager CMS.

Advanced content distribution and access graphic

Advanced content access and distribution

WovenManager's configuration gives you maximum control over all your content. Easily organize and access all your media, and effortlessly track where and when it plays.

Plays well with all the best media players graphic

Plays well with all the best media players

WovenManager integrates with the industry’s leading media players including BrightSign, Chrome and Android. And boasts off-the-charts device uptimes.

Anywhere, anytime control of your entire digital signage network

Securely control every aspect of your digital signage or online video network from the browser on your laptop, phone or tablet.

A user-friendly interface that easily puts you in command

The promise of WovenManager is simple, to turn everyone into a proficient, professional digital signage boss.

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All this, and free, unlimited access to WovenContent, our industry leading library of premium video content

Not just the tools to run your network, but the engaging videos to mix with your content, to help draw viewers attention to your screens, and keep it there.