Why Having Relevant Digital Signage Content Should Be Your #1 Priority

Why Having Relevant Digital Signage Content Should be Your #1 Priority

For the modern marketer, a good marketing strategy and digital content management is key. In 2019 we see a digital world overloaded with video content everywhere we go. There is an exceptional and ever-growing amount of content made available every day, every minute, every second, competing for our attention. In fact, CISCO predicted that by 2021, 17 000 hours of video content will cross global IP networks every, single second. This means that there is simply no way we can pay attention to all of the content we face in this world of content overload. Instead, we focus on what is most relevant for us in the situation we find ourselves in. When we are out shopping (whether it be for new running shoes or laundry detergent), we are affected by the relevant ads facing us in the store, exactly when we need them to. 68% of us have agreed that digital signage in store has influenced our decisions to buy an advertised product. Any successful digital signage content strategy should give the most relevant information to your customers. 

How does this content-dominated world affect our businesses?


Studies have shown that customer preferences are changing, resulting in a decline in customer loyalty and an increase in competition. In general, the increase of available content makes it harder to catch the customers’ attention and more challenging to maintain strong customer relationships. 

So, what should companies do to best handle increasingly competitive markets?

In McKinsey’s freshly launched report, they identified measures companies should take in order to maintain and build strong consumer relationships in this world of content overload, and at the same time secure sustainable growth (2019). The key takeaways from the report are the need for the creation of distinctive content, sourced and created with a focus on the company’s strategic goals, and that the content and experiences should curate to maximize consumer engagement. Companies need to improve their digital content management while making sure the content supports their marketing strategy. Digital signage showing relevant ads at the right moment will help the customers make the crucial choices of which new running shoes or laundry detergent they end up buying. 

Too many are sitting on the fence

I think most modern marketers already know this. We need more personalized content in our ads along with improved digital content management. However, too many are still sitting on the fence, not focusing enough on market strategy, and having weak digital content management. Wovenmedia can help you create content with a focus on your company’s marketing strategy, and make sure that the digital content management maximizes consumer engagement.