How Digital Signage is Changing Brand Communication

How Digital Signage is Changing Brand Communication

Any company that does some sort of brand communication hopes to reach its target audience with the least possible cost. And those companies rightly assume that only by reaching the precise customer, through the most effective media channel, they will get the chance to sell their products. Therefore, many companies move away from mass media channels – such as TV commercials – as it increasingly gives them the feeling that the budget, most of time, goes to throwing darts in dark to a target audience they can’t see.

For that reason, social media channels and platforms have been on the rise and have been mostly financed by advertisement money. Consumers do not pay to download and use many of those media channels as they allow companies to display ads to what platforms claim to be relevant to the users’ profiles.

Hence the famous discussion: on the surface users don’t pay for these social media channels apps yet they allow the platforms to market their personal data to advertisers.

Be in the place where your customer is: Digital Signage Screens 

Discussion aside, we see ads everywhere and neglect most of them unless we have a need at that very moment. And that has been the holy grail of marketing. But, how to determine when your target audience has an urge or need to buy something?

There is a simple answer to it: when they go shopping. When the target audience is shopping for a dishwasher or sits at a vet clinic while their pet is being treated, or waiting for her new hairstyle to come to live at a hairdresser – those are the precious moments to pick the right media channel and show them related products and services that can be complementary to what they are buying.

Design your potential customers’ decision set

If there are digital screens around, for instance, a company can show dishwasher detergent ads to the first person, a cat food commercial to the second, and a new shampoo to the third person. As those ads will relate to what these people are doing at that very moment, the likelihood that those messages will go through the person’s mind is very high.