Create the most effective digital out-of-home advertising

digital out-of-home advertising

We’ve mentioned in our previous posts how daunting can be to develop and execute a digital out-of-home advertising strategy. So, we can relate in case you feel you don’t know where to start creating the most effective digital out-of-home advertising. To help you out in that mission, we’ve summed up 5 key essential W’s that will give you the right tools to get started with a digital signage solution, from scratch. Here at Wovenmedia, we have this pretty letter W standing on its own in our iconography, leading the way in both our name and logo. Perhaps serendipity or mere coincidence, but I think this is significant and here’s why: before any digital signage solutions’ project gets underway, the constituents absolutely need to know their W’s

5 essential questions for the most effective digital out-of-home advertising

Here is a collection of what I like to ask Wovenmedia’s customers to ensure things get off to the right start:

1- Who is your audience?

Who are you hoping to engage, entertain, inform, offer or simply communicate with? Start with this critical subject.

5 key essential W’s that will give you the right tools to get started with a digital signage solution, from scratcth.

2- Where is your audience?

Is your venue a familiar space like a neighborhood cafe, or a locale frequented by tourists, many of which speak another language?

3- What is your audience doing?

Are they busy or bored, relaxed or under stress? Or are they sitting anxiously in a dentist’s waiting room, drooling over the latest sports car in a showroom, or frantically pushing a cart containing a screaming child?

4- When is your audience engaging with you?

Thinking about that might enable you to provide a better experience for them. Try to understand when are they interacting with your screen at a certain time of year, or specific time of day? Might you offer value if you provide relevant content when they are there? How can you increase customer engagement? 

5- Why are you trying to engage your customer, entertain, help or speak to them?

This comes later, because finally it’s about you, not the audience at this point. Is it to make their wait seem shorter, to educate them about something, to sell them additional goods or services, perhaps? 

Not so fast however, this one comes right back at you… Why would the audience care to watch and interact with your screens? If you’ve paid attention to the items above, your odds of success are exponentially better! Unfortunately, a digital out-of-home advertising strategy often requires loads of energy and money into the latest technology and slick creativity. Understanding the W’s can make it easier and cost effective. If project constituents don’t have a partner that knows how important the W’s are, they are headed for yet another project tombstone in the digital signage solutions’ graveyard.

Wovenmedia is synonymous with digital out-of-home advertising not only because our name starts with the letter, but we actually know well our W’s. For that reason, we can use our expertise to help you out identifying the W’s and supporting your business growth. 

Written by Omar Rodriguez