During this historic time, many are working from home or on furlough and are struggling with finding structure and helpful information each day.  I, for one, find myself consumed by the news which makes it tough to focus on what feels like insignificant tasks.  Like many, I’ve been documenting my days through a blog – I’ve also been seeking out suggestions from others in our virtual community in an effort to feel connected and productive.  These are some of the best tips and for sure, they are simple and common sense, but when life feels overwhelming simple is tough to achieve.  Do I succeed in implementing these each day?  Of course not, but knowing the destination is helpful, even if you don’t quite get there.

Build a Structure

This is common sense, but not easy to adhere to.  I learned many years ago from an out of work friend, the key to a successful job hunt (translate this to any critical task that requires self-motivation) is to start your day in the same way you might if you were heading into an office. 

Start by grooming yourselves, people!  Even if you aren’t on a Zoom meeting like the rest of the world, this first step supports your emotional well-being to kick off that day at home clean and clothed.  Then you are ready to attack your to-do list with sections for Work, Personal and Home.  I try to create this list the night before.  This serves two purposes for me: 1. I don’t fret during the night about what I need to get done the next day and 2. I have a clear starting point in the morning and hopefully some successes by the end of the day.  We need wins right now!

Caution: Do not add stress to your life by jotting down tasks that you will in no way accomplish.  If you were not already hopping out of bed at 5 to make bread then take a run around the neighborhood, don’t court failure by adding super-human tasks 

cStay Home! Stay Connected!

It’s easy to find yourself at the kitchen table attacking that to-do list without any interaction with other humans (in this scenario, partners and kids do not count?).  For employers, it’s so important right now to be communicating vividly and often with your staff.  They may be uneasy about their job, the company’s health, and how their colleagues are faring. One great tip is to use your investment in your digital signage network to communicate with employees.  You may ask “How will you get your message across if no one is in the office to see the screens?”  If you have computer-based employees, they have screens right in front of them!  You just need to find access to it. 

With our content management software, WovenManager, your marcom teams can continue to create messaging including engaging video content and push it to your workforce – adding a bit of normal to their day and giving them much-needed information. 

Wovenmedia has always had this notion of an evergreen URL associated with a playlist or channel.  It’s so easy to share the URL of your HR playlist for example.  The best part is that when you update the content, the URL doesn’t change – only the content does.  So imagine a weekly email with a playlist or a link on your intranet.  Employees can continue to receive information updates in a visual and engaging way.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words – actually studies show that our brains process pictures 60,000 times faster than words!   If your system doesn’t support this, please reach out!

 If you are isolating with your family, you may be spending a lot of time with people who you love dearly, but frankly aren’t used to being in close proximity to every day, all day. Read on!


Make Time for Selfcare 

Our current situation is aggressively stripping from us much of what we felt was essential in our lives.  If you’re holed up with family, use this as an opportunity to converse and really get to know each other, maybe to remind yourself of how lucky you are to have each other. It may also be necessary to prioritize time alone for each family member who needs it. One great idea I found from one of my favorite authors is to create a “sanctuary” room or space that each person gets sole access to once a day.

 Finally, give yourself permission to do nothing. This is a traumatic time on so many different levels. One of the most important things you can give yourself (and your family) is rest. It’s okay to take some downtime after YEARS of being over-scheduled and under-rested. Rest is good for the soul and the immune system.  

Written by Janette Wood