Investing to Improve Customer Experience in Retail

Using retail digital signage solutions to inform customers

Around 65 percent of the world’s population are visual learners, meaning they learn and remember best through visual communication so having boring content in your stores is a massive missed opportunity. Using digital screens in retail allows customers to access information in an exciting and unique way. All digital signage can be updated with stores on branding and style, creating a streamlined experience throughout. Here are just some possible ways that digital signage in retail can improve your relationship with customers.

Digital signage for product testimonial

If you’re wanting your product to stand out, you’re more likely to have customer interaction with a digital sign, in fact, a study created by Intel found that digital signs captured 400% more views than static signs.

Sometimes a box on the shelf won’t do a product justice. Using digital signage to show how customers can use a product, or how it might fit in their home can inspire them into a purchase.

This also can apply if a product is complicated to use or set up; having easy to understand digital content on screens can give customers the confidence to buy and use, leading to increased sales

Invest In Your Regulars For many customer experiences in retail, it doesn’t end when they make their purchase and they want to feel valued beyond what they’re going to buy. Taking the time to send emails with offers or even something as simple as learning regular customers’ names will do wonders to elevate your customer’s in-store retail experience. When a customer feels valued and appreciated for more than their spending ability, they are more likely to choose your store over an online retailer. Investing In Digital Signage For many customers, a good in-store retail experience feels personalized to them and that’s something retail digital signage solutions can offer you. It’s likely you know what your customers are looking for, and value, when they enter your store so creating digital signage that mirrors that makes the customer experience feel customized and targeted for them.

For sales and promotions

Save on time and paper by displaying sales, promotions and discounts on digital screens in retail. Not only can you save thousands of dollars every month by avoiding printing costs, using digital signage solutions means screens can be updated instantly and all across the country at once, if needs be, saving both time and money. Branding throughout the store can be kept consistent and emphasize the brand values with retail digital signage solutions.

Customers can also be informed about upcoming promotions which might inspire a future visit. Keeping customers in the know about updated builds trust between them and the store.


Digital signage for safety

COVID-19 guidelines can leave customers feeling unsure and worried about shopping in stores. As guidelines for COVID-19 change day-to-day, keep your customers and staff members up to date with store policy. Digital signage in retail can be adapted to suit any change in guidelines within minutes meaning customers know they can feel safe within your stores. This allows for customers to confidently browse and buy within stores, knowing they are protected.


Digital signage for advertising 

You could be missing out on a massive source of income by not using your screens are marketable space. With engaging content along with paid ads, you will see and return on your investment and with systems with WovemManager, it could not be easier to use. There will be no more worries about boring content or black screens as content can be easily displayed and managed, creating a desirable space for companies to show products in your store.

Digital Signage Solutions can be used in so many ways to improve the retail experience so it’s time to build your network today.


Written by Alexandra Wyllie