How to Adapt your Retail Digital Signage Strategy for Valentine’s Day

digital signage for valentine's day

Love is in the air! As we move away from the holiday season, Valentine’s Day marks the perfect time for retailers to boost sales once again. Valentine’s Day spending in the US amounted to around $20.7 billion in 2019 with more than 135 million Americans shopping for the most romantic holiday of the year. Digital signage is a creative way to boost sales in February by adapting content to get your shoppers in Valentine’s Day mood. However, the key is to avoid a hard sales push to not overload your customers with ads from all directions.

Today on the blog, we offer three ways to use digital signage this February to adapt your digital signage strategy easily and organically for Valentine’s Day without feeling forced or cheesy.

1. Inspire shoppers to think outside the box

When creating your digital signage strategy, choosing your KPIs is one of the first steps. If your goal is to raise sales, digital signage can do that without making customers feel like you’re using your screens as a purely pushy sales tool.

Using engaging and entertaining content to inspire shoppers to think outside the box when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts will build trust between you and your customer. For example, within a grocery store, use digital signage to display recipes with ingredients found in the store. While you will likely make a sale, your customer doesn’t feel sold to, they feel inspired.

2. If music is the food of love, use it as part of your strategy

Music is a powerful tool for retailers, setting the mood and tempo for your shop. Studies have found that fast-paced, loud music will drive shoppers out of your stores quicker, resulting in lower sales. But, when soft music plays overhead, shoppers are more likely to slow down and take their time in your store. Thus, boosting the likelihood of one or many purchases.

The sound and video content used within your stores can create a specific mood, so playlists should be designed with a purpose in mind. Around Valentine’s, create a romantic mood that will inspire shoppers to stay within your store and browse for longer.

Want some inspiration? Take a sneak peek of WovenContent playlist for Valentine’s Day. It is specially curated to get your customers in the mood for the holiday of love and friendship.

Preview Valentine's Day Playlist

3. Cycle through content during the day so it never feels old

One of the strengths of digital signs is how easy it is to update content. Around holidays such as Valentine’s Day, it’s important to keep your screens fresh and engaging for your customers. Cycle through different content during the day so customers who are spending more time in your store, or are returning through the day, don’t see the same content twice.

WovenManager has the ability to create playlists. This means you can create hours’ worth of content without hands-on management throughout the day. Use your own content or mix it up with WovenContent library to entertain and inform customers, without becoming overplayed and cheesy.

Digital signage is an engaging way to make sales, build trust with customers and light up your retail space. If you want more information on a digital signage strategy that will work for you, get in touch with our team today.

Written by Alexandra Wyllie