Eco-Friendly Business: How to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas: How to Create a Green Business

In 2021 customers are searching for more and more ways to help the environment through their buying decisions and are even willing to boycott and stop buying from businesses that do harm to the environment. Companies can improve their relationships with customers by making their efforts to go green easy to understand and identify.

A green business can look different for everyone but taking small steps to reduce your companies carbon footprint and creating a sustainable business is as easy as turning off the lights, literally.

Reuse and Recycle

The first easy step to developing a green business is creating recycling points throughout your office or store. These should be easy to get to and easy to use, with clearly marked bins for different types of recycling; plastic, cardboard, glass, etc.

Creating schemes with your employees on how they can reduce their plastic consumption is also a great way to an environmentally sustainable business.

Putting in a water tap to easily refill water bottles will incentivize employees and customers to bring their own reusable water bottles.

Product Packaging

One-third of customers in a recent survey said that they didn’t just want their product packaging to be recyclable but they wanted the information of the product to be clear on how it can be recycled. This allows customers to make eco-friendly choices easily.

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas: How to Create a Green Business

Go Digital 

Going digital means more than sharing documents and files electronically. In many offices and stores, digital signage solutions cut out printing and paper waste, as well as the financial and environmental cost of transportation. Digital signage can look like TV walls, monitors beside products, and screens in offices and stores, displaying a wide range of content. Digital signage can be easily updated within minutes, meaning your employees and customers stay up-to-date without spending time and money on reprinting posters and labels. Without having to print and transport signage, you can also create spots sales with zero cost, with no store audits necessary. Imagine branded pop-ups in-store, created and posted to your screens within minutes.

Investing in high-quality products for your digital signage, such as Brightsign media players, can also reduce waste, as they will last five times longer than cheaper models. Less waste and less time spent on replacing faulty players.

Consider Suppliers

Going green doesn’t always just mean what you can personally do within your own business but what changes you can make outside your company. Switching to suppliers who use sustainable materials or renewable energy means your whole chain of production is in line with your own eco-friendly ethos. Staying local and supporting local businesses can also go a long way to creating a green business model, as well as improving relationships with your community.

Going green within business doesn’t always mean putting up wind turbines, small steps can be taken every day to reduce your carbon footprint and create a more sustainable business for the future.

Written by Alexandra Wyllie