Digital Signage Checklist: The right steps to deploy a successful digital signage network

Digital Signage Checklist Project funding to content strategy

You have reached the right conclusion that digital signage can enhance brand engagement and drive sales. Now you need to take the right steps to deploy a successful digital signage network in your business locations. But what are these steps exactly? You probably have a lot of questions that need answers before you hit GO. For instance, will your programming strategy effectively support the KPIs for your business? Can you just use your video assets or will you require 3rd party content as well? If you have your strategy locked down you then have to think about the technology: What are the technology components required for success and how do they get installed? Do you have good internet connectivity in your locations to distribute content and monitor your network? Then there are the deployment logistics. Where will you place your screens? What is the right screen size? Will you need enhanced audio? How long should your programming loop be and how frequently should content be updated? And last but not least, how does your project get funded? Here is a checklist that will answer all these questions and more.

Resources: Identify key internal stakeholders for upfront buy-in

  • Project Funding: which departments will hold the budget for upfront costs and ongoing monthly fees?
  • Network Infrastructure: Make sure IT is involved from the beginning and understand the infrastructure requirements to support your network.
  • Strategic Objectives: Which internal groups need to be involved in determining this strategy and who needs to be part of ongoing approvals? who will be responsible for programming the network?
  • Ongoing Network Operations: Identify IT resources that will be responsible for monitoring/managing day-to-day network operations or use 3rd party.

Digital Signage Network Design:

How do you design your digital signage network to best meet your strategic objectives?

Digital Signage Checklist Project funding to content strategy
  • Screen Size and Placement: Where should screens be displayed; how should they be mounted and what size to maximize the opportunity to view
  • Audio: is supplemental audio a requirement or not?
  • Internet Connectivity: Is wired or wireless internet connectivity available for equipment or does this need to be installed; does IT have restrictions on internet access that need to be considered?

Technology and System Installation: 

What are the technology components required for success and how do they get installed?

  • Media Players: What make/model and how many in each location? E.g. HD or 4K? Standalone or SOC? PC or custom hardware?
  • Content Management System: Does your content management system meet your business needs?
  • Screens: How big; what’s the required resolution? 24×7 rated or not?
  • Fixtures: What will you need to mount your screens in the desired locations e.g. ceiling mount or wall mount?
  • Auxiliary Equipment: Amplifiers? Networking equipment? Cables?
  • System Installation: Will this be handled by internal IT or do you need to outsource? preferable times for installation/maintenance

Programming Strategy:

Return on Investment:

What is required to effectively support the KPIs for your network?

  • Loop Length: How long does your programming loop need to be to maximize audience engagement?
  • Programming Pie: How much of your programming loop will be allocated to various categories such as marketing programs, product/service promotions, third-party content, third-party advertising, etc. How frequently should you update your programming? 
  • Your Content: Do you have existing assets you can use? Who is responsible for producing content going forward is this an internal or external agency? Are you able to produce enough content to keep your programming fresh with regular updates?
  • 3rd Party Content: Is this required to support your strategy? What categories are best suited for your audience e.g. sports, entertainment; health and wellness, etc.

While this may all seem very daunting, with the right partners your digital signage network can be implemented quickly and smoothly delivering the results you want.

At Wovenmedia, we welcome your questions. We recognize that asking the right questions upfront will maximize success. So, go right ahead, please ask us your questions. We’ll be more than happy to come up with the right answers.

Download Your Digital Signage Checklist

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