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Together, our leadership team has over 100 years of collective media, entertainment and technology experience and a proven track record of building media networks for the world’s largest retailers, healthcare providers, and other distinguished brands.

Susie Opare-Abetia
Susie has 20+ years' experience bringing groundbreaking media services and technologies to market in Europe and the US. She has worked for a number of companies in various technology, product development and senior management roles including the BBC, Abekas, Virage, and Premier Retail Networks. In late 2010 Susie saw a unique opportunity for a solution that would allow marketers and network operators to manage their own branded video networks on TV, web and mobile screens with a combination of easy to use programming, tools and access to premium content. Wovenmedia was launched in 2011 and the company's vision continues to grown and evolve under Susie's leadership.3 things
few people knew about Susie (until now)
She always rides her bike to work except when it rains
She has spent equal parts of her life in 3 countries: Ghana, England and now San Francisco
Once manned the control truck for a televised Madonna concert
Zarik Boghossian
Zarik has built a variety of Web 2.0 solutions in various technology sectors including multi-channel marketing, legal and compliance systems, wireless communications and business intelligence. As a former NASA engineer Zarik understands the importance of building innovative solutions that are scalable and secure. Zarik has been the ideal partner to translate Susie's vision in to a cloud SaaS platform built to scale, and today manages Wovenmedia's R&D and software development functions.3 things
few people knew about Zarik (until now)
Watched the Super Bowl on his first day in America
Developed software still in use on the International Space Station
Fluent in three-and-a-half languages
Omar Rodriguez
Omar brings 20 years of experience at the forefront of digital media innovation to his product leadership role at Wovenmedia. While at Cisco, PRN, LatinChannels and Merisel, Omar established a track record of creating, marketing and operating the world's leading digital media solutions for heavy-hitting clients across many verticals. Skilled in driving teams to imagine, build and market technology, Omar is also our resident "Voice of the Customer," knowing no two users are the same, and all require a solution that suits their current business but has the flexibility to scale.3 things
few people knew about Omar (until now)
Grew up in a house with pet spider-monkeys
Met Dennis Rodman while at his bachelor party in Las Vegas
Purchased a classic BMW from the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir
Joellen Jacobs
Our "Queen of Content", Joellen has done an astounding job of building Wovenmedia's content library with over 100 top-tier content partners. With 15+ years of industry experience, Joellen has a deep knowledge of original video production from pre to post-production and everything in between. She has worked with clients ranging from The Tennis Channel to AFI, DirectTV, Champ Car, Panasonic and Best Buy. She has honed her experience and expertise working on media development within the retail, television and film industry. Joellen has long standing relationships with some of the most recognizable media brands and companies within the Entertainment and Sports world. 3 things
few people knew about Joellen (until now)
She and her family have been to Disneyland over 100 times
Received a personalized painting from Phyllis Diller as a wedding gift
Still goes to the library to read and check-out books
John Polachek
3 things
few people knew about John (until now)
Received a gift fruit-basket from Bill Murray
Saw Elvis perform LIVE in Las Vegas, and The Beatles at Dodger Stadium
Has met two U.S. Presidents
John's deep experience in branding, advertising and new media made him an ideal partner to help bring the Wovenmedia brand to life. After 25 years working for the likes of Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi, USweb/CKS and PRN, John's unique combination of talents for naming, messaging, broadcast design and even 3-dimensional design have played an integral part in Wovenmedia's quick rise to being a real player in the digital signage space. And he's just getting started.