Discover 5 Ways You Can Use Digital Signage For Halloween

digital signage content for halloween you can have on your screens

On average, every American will spend $162.29 on Halloween. From decorations to party food, drinks, and that all-important trick-or-treat candy. The total spending at Halloween currently sits steady between 8 and 9 billion dollars every year. All in all, Halloween is big business for retailers. So what can retailers do to encourage Halloween spending?

Digital signage is a powerful tool to use. Discover 5 ways you can use digital signage content for Halloween to increase ROI and improve customer experience.

1. Using digital signage to up-sell for fall and Halloween

When you think about what sells at Halloween, there are some obvious contenders: costumes and candy. But with digital signage, you can up-sell any items. As a result, you can promote items at the right time, and in the right place to increase visibility. This time of the year is perfect to be creative and experiment with your marketing strategies

2. Using digital signage for Halloween decorations

Use your digital signage to decorate your store, without the waste and a fortune spent!

Every year, we create tons of plastic waste with decorations. But digital signage can help you be more environmentally conscious. Having digital signage content for Halloween can also help you save time and money. As a result, stores can update their Halloween content every day. Without the hassle of printing many messages. Meaning new scares whenever you want them!

3. Keep customers safe with the latest information displayed on your screens

For many, being safe is about being informed. That is something you can do for your customers by displaying safety reminders or alerts on your digital signage screens. As we move into Fall and Winter, the weather can begin to change dramatically all around the country. By all means, updating your customers on weather warnings can help them make better decisions.

Staying informed of the latest safety guidelines also helps you and your customers feel safe and protected. Keeping the scares to ghosts and ghouls only.

4. Share Halloween and Fall recipes on your digital signage screens

Inspire your customers to try new Halloween and Fall recipes using your digital signage. For instance, you can display simple how-to videos around your store, like this delicious Bloody Cheesecake Bar:

This is a perfect opportunity to entertain and inspire your customers, while also up-selling items they can use for the recipes. This video and more Halloween content are available right now on WovenContent.

5. Using digital signage for entertainment

This time of year, retail is getting busier and delays are expected. But as a retailer, you should be doing all you can to minimize customer unhappiness. While they wait, why not give your customers something to watch? And make it spooky for the season!

Share the latest entertainment news or Halloween-related content. WovenContent has movie trailers and clips to cut perceived waiting times and boost customer experience.

You can sign up for a free WovenContent trial and access the Halloween playlist (new subscriptions only). The Halloween content will be available until October 31, 2021. Contact us today to learn more.

Written by Alexandra Wyllie