Digital Signage Solutions for Modern Workplaces and Corporate Communication

Digital signage solutions in the office

When I entered the corporate world, I was enamored with the beautiful high-rises in my city.  I was so attracted to both the modern glass-faced skyscrapers and the quirky older buildings that pepper San Francisco. I, like many of my peers, wanted to work in an environment that was both beautiful and modern.  The fact is, the office is so much more than a place for cubicles, desks, and work.  It should create a feeling of belonging and provide a positive environment that encourages creativity and hard work.  Salesforce, the enterprise software maker, spent an estimated $1 billion on their new San Francisco tower – now the tallest building in the skyline.  The company understands the power of a well-designed workspace in a highly competitive job market.  The good news is that you don’t have to make that staggering of an investment to create a positive atmosphere that will attract and help retain a quality workforce.  Digital Signage in the office is a good place to start to build modern workspaces. Not only do employees enjoy the modern work space, moreover, digital signage is a great corporate communication channel that informs, trains and entertains in office environment.

Your workspace is your second home

I choose to believe that I am not the only worker attracted to a well-thought-out workplace.  The truth is many of us work in rather boring environments that recall the old bullpens of days gone by.  The other truth is that we spend 50% of our waking day at work, and it would be seriously sweet to spend that time in a place that makes us feel good.  Office surroundings have the power to influence employee well-being, creativity and productivity.  Studies have shown that poorly designed offices can negatively impact workers.  Frankly, employees who enjoy being at work will call in sick less, be more productive and stay longer.  It pays to take the needs of employees to heart. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.  Communication to all levels of personnel must be happening in real time to underpin the cultural changes and strategies for success that have been established. 

Digital signage solutions in the office

Digital signage solutions for workplace and corporate communication

Emails, memos, and all-hands meetings are good communication tools, but they are not quick or honestly, compelling to the workforce.  Companies are finding that the use of technology in the form of digital signage communication is a quick and relatively effortless method to show the goals of the company, commend the workers who have gone the extra mile and update the team on sales achievement in real time.  With the right digital signage solution, the system can be integrated with your internal systems like the sales CRM, revenue tracking tools and even the HR benefits systems.

Bottom line is that we want to belong and be part of a winning team – we are pack animals.  We cannot nurture that sense of belonging and team spirit without transparency and constant communication.  A well thought out digital signage solution can help to get critical messages out quickly, creatively and add a sense of fun and community to the workplace – all for less than the weekly snacks provided in the breakroom.  It just makes sense.  We’ve been doing this for decades and we’d love to help create a team atmosphere that helps your team to thrive.