Digital signage is the superior solution for universities

Digital Signage is the Superior Solution for Universities

70% of colleges and universities already use digital signage on their campuses. This must mean there are measurable and meaningful benefits to this, right? Yes, is the answer. Let’s look at some of the key reasons campuses across the country are adopting an engaging digital signage strategy. 

What’s in digital signage for the University?

Getting the message out with digital signage

Imagine working on a school  campus with thousands of students and staff a mere 15 years ago.  Getting information in the hands of the students was a logistical effort involving many resources which could be challenging and expensive. Thanks to the internet, we don’t have to hang up notes everywhere, and thanks to digital signage, information sharing can now be both more efficient and cost-saving as well serve as an additional revenue channel. Digital signage on campus can be used to show educational videos, show relevant news and information, highlight students’ achievements, show ads on relevant products, urgent announcements and a million other smart solutions. Following are four main reasons why digital signage is a necessity among universities. 

Reduce cost (and waste)

What do posters, flyers, and mailers have in common?  Well, they are all printed on paper, create waste, and are potentially expensive.  And after the work and expense, there is no guarantee they will stay where they are posted or find their way to the group that needs to hear the message.  A typical university deployment will pay for itself within the first year. One digital signage user, even reported a cost-reduction of 90% after implementing a digital signage system. 

Increase efficiency 

Printing, distributing, placing, replacing and recycling printed materials is time consuming and requires manpower. With digital signage, the same work can be done by one person on one integrated platform and provide a consistent message to numerous different screens dispersed around campus. Updating the digital signage only takes a few minutes, making the process of managing the digital signage simpler, quicker and more affordable.

Digital signage for universities

Generate additional Revenue 

With digital signage, universities can create revenue by selling ad space on their screens to student unions, coffee shops, gyms and other companies that cater to students. It is an effective way of getting the attention of students and staff, and therefore it serves as an effective and attractive way to advertise. An example that can serve as inspiration is The University of California, Berkeley. They sell ad space on their screens to different student unions. The student union uses the ad space for informing students about events, as well as selling ads for whatever the students might find relevant.

Digital signage creates satisfied students with improved learning experiences

In 2019 we see that students are more stressed and anxious than ever, with nearly a quarter of these saying this affects their academic performance. Even though a digital solution cannot overcome the mental health issue amongst students, digital signage can make the school days easier. Reportedly, applying technology to education helps students reduce stress (45%), improve confidence (46%) and efficiency (57%), while also helping students to better prepare for class (67%). Digital signage can improve satisfaction amongst students, and it can also motivate and engage students by highlighting their accomplishments on digital screens for everyone to see.

So what have we learned?  Digital Signage can help campuses get the message out more efficiently, at a reduced cost (as compared to print), perhaps even generate revenue through ads and most importantly engage with students in a meaningful way.  Wovenmedia has simple yet powerful solutions for education.