Connect with Employees in a More Engaging Way


Training. Product updates. HR updates. Mission-critical company announcements. Corporate culture. Whatever the reason, video-based digital signage offers an effective way to reach your distributed workforce. Digital screens strategically positioned in break rooms, hallways and corporate offices can share information in an easily digestible manner that ensures employees get on the same page with the important company information that often gets sidelined in email. With its ability to inspire, entertain and engage, a rotating selection of messaging also offers organizations a compelling way to strengthen company culture by inspiring, engaging and entertaining. Lobby screens can offer practical assistance, such as directional maps, as well as offering an opportunity for you re-enforce your brand and products to new and existing customers who are visiting.

But building out and managing a digital signage system is a daunting challenge. There are many moving parts. First there are the IT considerations… streaming players, monitors, cabling, strategic placement of monitors. Then there are the content considerations…graphic design, updating and managing the messaging, branding. You need a solution provider.


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