Wovenmedia powers digital signage for innovative enterprise customers who require exceptional content, quality, performance, usability and service.

Retail Solutions

Create compelling and engaging in-store experiences that turn shoppers into buyers. Our exciting video content, managed by our intuitive and powerful CMS solution, helps grab the attention of your customers and potential customers, drawing them in and driving sales. Whether you are demoing products, delivering promotions or educating your audience, Wovenmedia has the content, software, hardware, support and service that you need for success.

Visual Merchandising
Display products or promotions in your store or region for an enhanced shopping experience.
Employee Communications
Communicate sales and product training or company highlights to your teams during off-hours with an effective and compelling video solution.
Advanced Video Wall Display
Captivate consumers with more rich and powerful in-store digital experiences for maximum visual impact.
“Wovenmedia did a fantastic job of presenting their solutions. We liked their thinking, their ingenuity, the new perspective and fresh thinking they brought to the process.” Michael Hiatt

VP/Digital Signage Development, Triad Retail Media

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Healthcare Solutions

Deliver positive and beneficial interactions for your patients, visitors and employees with video digital signage. Wovenmedia solutions improve dwell times, enhancing the experiences of patients and visitors alike across a healthcare campus, while building community and sharing insights.

Improved Waiting Areas
Alleviate anxiety or boredom with entertaining or educational content to help pass time smoothly. Extend a welcome to patients and visitors, or explain basic insurance requirements.
Emergency Messaging
Health, safety and hygiene messages can be easily and effectively delivered in the areas where they are needed most, plus updated quickly to reflect new information.
Employee Communication
Deploy critical messages, training initiatives and updated health and safety procedures quickly across an entire campus or to a single department. Deliver fast, efficient and effective communications for better work experiences.
“In the short term, there are gaps in how we communicate with our patients, this digital signage network is helping to fill those gaps, allowing us to strategically build campaigns throughout the year and provide better education to our patients..” Carmen Villanueva

Communications Manager, Queenscare Health

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Committed to Your Success

Across the Wovenmedia solution, we offer:

  • Design and configuration of your solution, from network to components to physical layouts, to installation and launch. From there, we extend to ensure that users are trained and onboarded to get the most out of the system.
  • Teams with experience designing, deploying and supporting highly complicated network configurations across thousands of diverse locations and devices.
  • Dedicated support before, during and after roll-out, to help our customers achieve their business goals.

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