Here are some common questions about Wovenmedia.


How do I access my WovenManager CMS account?

Once signed-up we will send you access credentials for your account which will allow you to manage all aspects of your digital signage network from any web browser.

Which media players can be used with your CMS?

WovenManager supports several media players including Brightsign, Google Chrome and Android devices which you can buy through us along with your WovenManager license.

What video and image video formats does your CMS support?

WovenManager supports all video and image formats including high resolution 4K video. Our CMS automatically encodes all your video files as you upload them to make sure your videos play at the highest possible quality on your chosen media player.

Does your CMS support RSS feeds and web pages?

Yes, WovenManager supports a variety of dynamic data feeds such as RSS and web pages.

How are my videos and images stored?

Your content is stored on our secure cloud servers with up to 20GB of storage available for each account.

Am I able to schedule my playlists and target different content to different locations?

WovenManager has a complete suite of scheduling and content targeting features. You can schedule any content to play at select times or days of the week, and content can be targeted to play on media players in specific locations based on the characteristics of those locations

With your CMS am I able to publish content to digital signage players and stream content to web and mobile devices?

Yes, our patented technology allows you to publish playlists to networked media players and simultaneously stream the same content to web and mobile devices.

Does your CMS include remote monitoring and reporting capabilities?

Yes, with WovenManager you can monitor and control every media player on your network from one central admin console and can use our messaging system to receive automated alerts if a player is disconnected or powered off. Remote control capabilities include powering the player on/off, upgrading firmware and even reformatting the players memory card.

Does the WovenManager CMS also include your content?

Yes, you can choose to include our complete content library with your WovenManager license. This gives you access to 1000s of HD and 4K video clips from premium providers to add extra sizzle to your digital signage experience.

What are the categories of content available in the WovenContent library?

Our library includes content across multiple categories including sports, entertainment, health & wellness and bilingual.

Who provides the content for the library?

We have partnerships with over 150 premium content providers including major US TV networks, movie studios and sports leagues. Our partners include NBC, CBS, Fox Sports, Disney, HGTV, Telemundo Sony Music, Mayo Clinic and many more.

Is content available in multiple video formats?

Yes, the WovenContent library includes HD and 4K content with hundreds of new clips available every month.

How do I access the content from the library?

Once your WovenContent account is set up you can download as much content as you need from any web browser. You can also choose to create MRSS filters within WovenContent so new content can be automatically transferred to your Content Management System when available.

Are the videos in the library already encoded and ready to download to a digital signage media player?

Yes, our system uses the very latest compression technologies to encode each video at optimal quality. HD content is compressed using the H.264 compression format, for 4K content H.265 is used for compression. You can select content at different bitrates to best suit your network requirements or even download the uncompressed version of the video file if this works best for you. All encoded content is available as mp4 files.

Do I need to have licensing agreements with each of your content partners before I can use their content?

No, we do all the work for you clearing the usage rights to all our content for your network, the only licensing you need to have in place is blanket ASCAP or BMI licenses should you wish to use a lot if content that includes music tracks.

What is your pricing model for access to your content library?

We charge a monthly subscription fee per media player which gives you access to an unlimited amount of content from our library. Pricing starts at $20 per media player with volume discounts as the number of media players increases.

How do I sign up for a subscription?

Contact our sales team and we’d be happy to get you signed up and on your way: sales@wovenmedia.com

How do I update my login info?

In the WovenManager or WovenContent Account Settings menu, you can change your login info at anytime.


What are your Network Design services?

Our team of digital signage experts will work with you to design your network for optimal audience engagement from equipment selection to screen placement to network programming.

What Equipment Sourcing & Procurement services do you offer?

Depending on your requirements we can advise you on the best hardware to meet your objectives including screens, media players and networking equipment. We are also happy to purchase this equipment from our suppliers on your behalf and handle all logistics including shipping, warehousing, and consolidation.

What Helpdesk Support services do you offer?

We can offer 24x7x365 helpdesk support or anything in between. Our helpdesk technicians are on-call to address any issues you may have with your Wovenmedia powered network.

Do you offer video production services for digital signage content?

Yes we offer a full range of creative design and video production services and we’re happy to work within your budget

Do you offer system installation services?

Yes, we provide a range of installation services for any size network supported by a nationwide network of expert AV technicians.

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