Get your Digital Signage Content Ready for Summer

digital signage summer content from wovenoriginals

As the sun shines longer and brighter this time of the year, viewers are out of the house for longer parts of the day. As they shop, run errands, and take care of general day-to-day needs, there are two questions for your digital network. How effective is your content at reaching the right demographic while they do so? And, what kind of digital signage content for Summer is best?

How to Start Using Digital Signage in your Car Dealership

How to start using digital signage in your car dealership

Car dealerships are some of the most digitally advanced businesses out there. So why aren’t more of them using digital signage? Digital signage can be used to display price quotes, testimonials, real-time inventory information, and much more.

2022 Retail Digital Trends: How To Bring Online into Offline Spaces

bringing online to offline retail spaces, digital retail trends

The way we shop has changed so much in the last decade that it’s hard to imagine what the next 10 years will bring. No longer is it enough to sell products online, companies have to provide a seamless experience that doesn’t just meet but exceeds customer expectations for speed and convenience.

Webinar: How Wovenmedia & Sharp/NEC Revolutionized Floor-Projected Video at Big-Box Retail

floor projected video network webinar

Join us on Tuesday, December 7th at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST. The session will discuss how advancements in laser projection technology make projecting video from high distances more effective than ever before. Learn how using floor-projected video can boost sales when placed adjacent to related products, help with wayfinding in large retail spaces, and enhance the shopper experience.

Four Tips for Effective Digital Signage

Four tips for effective digital signage

When it comes to digital signage, there are many considerations and one size certainly does not fit all. These pointers can help highlight potential pitfalls as you try to set yourself apart in an increasingly crowded and vital space.

What a difference customer experience can make

four tips for effective Digital Signage

The brilliant marketing strategy included taking over a store in Santa Monica, redesigning the entire place to bring a high-end experience with outstanding décor, digital out of home advertising, gold details and close-to-perfection sales assistants. Shelves were then stocked with Payless products. Fashion influencers who attended the opening party paid $600 for regular Payless shoes that would usually cost […]

The power of digital out-of-home and Digital Signage

Providing a consistent customer experience across all channels

Friends, we’re living in unprecedented times. As we all sit and work at home, socially distancing ourselves while trying to ensure we’re all doing our part to help flatten the curve, it’s hard not to contemplate if what we do day to day has meaning and impact.Our world in April 2020 is a vastly different […]