After nearly a year of shopping online, customers are excited to be back in stores and have a good in-store retail experience, to be able to touch and test products before taking them home. Not only this but when a customer chooses to come into store, they are spending more in person than they would online. For retailers, this is an opportunity to deliver not just a product but an experience. Since the 1990s we have been making a shift into the service economy, one that values experience over convenience. As a retailer, creating an excellent customer experience in retail can take some investment but it’s important to know where to invest so customers want to keep coming back to your store.

Invest In Your Regulars

For many customer experiences in retail, it doesn’t end when they make their purchase and they want to feel valued beyond what they’re going to buy.

Taking the time to send emails with offers or even something as simple as learning regular customers’ names will do wonders to elevate your customer’s in-store retail experience.

When a customer feels valued and appreciated for more than their spending ability, they are more likely to choose your store over an online retailer.

Investing In Digital Signage

For many customers, a good in-store retail experience feels personalized to them and that’s something retail digital signage solutions can offer you. It’s likely you know what your customers are looking for, and value, when they enter your store so creating digital signage that mirrors that makes the customer experience feel customized and targeted for them.

Customer experience in retail

Not only that but retail digital signage can be used to inform and instil confidence in your customers in a way that is live and fresh. The information they receive feels up-to-date and can be branded to create a flow throughout your store. Having digital screens can also bridge the gap between the in-store retail experience and the online experience that they are used to at home.

Investing In Your Employees

Good customer experience in retail is not always about investing money but time into your employees. Customers appreciate well informed helpful employees, who don’t mind going the extra mile because they feel valued in their jobs. Happy employees are more likely to stay with the company for longer, meaning a smaller turnover in staff and less time training basics over and over. Instead, time can be spent with long-term staff, who might bring back valuable feedback on how day-to-day goings-on the store could be improved. For customers, it’s nice to retail experience so it’s time to build your network today.

Written by Alexandra Wyllie