Each day the world requires you to carefully and attentively be present and focused, because there’s so much flying at you in the news and in day to day mechanics, that it’s super easy to become lost, un-focused and miss things that matter. In the world of media, content should be no different. It should be engaging, and focused and relevant. It should stand out. Media matters. Digital signage content strategy and customization matters.

How we communicate and what we say can often bring about success or failure in the audiences’ understanding of the message as well as in creating a positive or negative viewing environment. In the world of out-of-home, with captive audiences present everywhere, content creators and content strategists and marketers need to think about who they are reaching and what messaging they want to impart. 

Define your target audience

Often when I speak with my content partnerships to collaborate on media strategies and promotional plans behind a campaign, I encourage them to take a few moments to really understand who they are reaching and what demographics we are helping them speak to within our client’s networks. 

Understanding there may be different profiles sitting or shopping or waiting at different times of the day means being mindful of the targeting and day-parting opportunities for content to reach and maximize the right message at the right time. 

Customize your digital signage content strategy

Customization of digital signage content strategy is important here because you ultimately want to find the right piece of content that most singularly resonates with the right audience. Diversifying content offerings then is only natural so that a media provider is able to reach different audiences with different media in the most effective way possible. To do otherwise is to squander and waste the opportunity of a captive audience. 

This engagement, however, is not always easy. The digital out of home industry is becoming increasingly crowded. Think about all the things you do in your day to day and realize that at almost every touchpoint along the way, you’re being spoken to in some manner – be it televisions everywhere, digital signage, apps, the internet, and social media. But, how much of what you see, sinks in? Determining what’s best to show to the Mom and her child sitting at the doctor’s office means you need to first understand why they are there.  Businesses these days can no longer be “absent” and just turn on the TV where in most cases the news is more depressing and scary than ever before. If media matters, then so does the strategy behind how to program for any screen.

It’s not just content partnerships either. Business operators also need to give thought to strategically reaching their audiences, while remembering we do not live in a world where a “one size fits all” approach works. As much as I may want to sit and watch re-runs of “The Office” every day, everywhere, I can recognize that someone sitting next to me may prefer to see the game that’s on or a movie that’s just come out, or check a recipe on what to make for dinner tonight.

Tailored content for each profile grouping is a more effective approach to creating lasting impressions and helps brands and broadcast series, shows, and films stand out by having something of note that resonates with a particular audience segment. Ultimately that is a more successful drive to creating lasting impressions.

Why Wovenmedia? 

At Wovenmedia we strive to collaborate with the industries best-in-class content providers so that we can continue to offer a meaningful selection of digital signage content that helps you achieve relevance and engagement at the same time. We stand by the idea that indeed, media does and always will matter, so why not carefully consider what to run, and who best to help you do that. Don’t squander your opportunity to make your captive audience happy in a way that also reflects back on you successfully.

Written by Joellen Jacobs