This year I started an internship at Wovenmedia as part of my UC Berkeley graduate program. I am studying digital marketing, so I was excited to start working for a tech company in growth marketing in Silicon Valley! Two months later I am still excited to work for Wovenmedia, but the circumstances are very different. We started working from home on March 10 (and will remain remote until we are told we can get back to the office) during one of the most paradoxical, scary and sad periods: the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to all this, I am Italian. I moved to the U.S. almost one year ago, and I could never have imagined finding myself in this situation and so far from my family in Italy.

Are words enough?

At first, I wanted to write something that could be inspirational, give some hope. I do have hope, but I also feel inadequate to really say anything. There is also a profound wound in my heart knowing how many people are suffering in my beautiful home country that I love and think about every day, and how many people are suffering all over the world. Words are not enough; I find myself in silence a lot these days because sometimes just silence is appropriate. I miss my family and friends more than usual; they are inspiring me.

My sister is an ICU doctor in Italy and talking with her is tragic and mysteriously shocking. She has – like all the people that are facing this virus working in hospitals around the world-  a strength, compassion and care for all the patients that I  can only define with the word MIRACLE. For people like her, really everyone who works in transportation, groceries, pharmacies and all those industries that are essential right now, I am simply grateful. My parents are also showing, once again, their incredible soul, afraid for their daughters (one fighting the virus and the other one on the other side of the world) but still full of faith. They are not directly saving lives, but my mom (not exactly a tech person) has learnt how to give online classes, my dad who loves running is staying at home making fun of my mom to cheer her up. Big and small things that have an impact.

In my experience, recognizing the beauty of the world and humanity in these moments is the key to facing this crisis one day at time. All the video calls, the virtual happy hours, the virtual prayers, the support and attachment to life and beauty that Italian people are showing gives me hope.

Share and support

I cannot compare my experience with what people in Italy are facing. Being far from home now is hard, you are always worried and there is a sadness in your heart that you cannot explain, but my thoughts and support are going to all those people that are suffering at first hand due to this virus.

I have to say that I am amazed by the support I am personally receiving in this time by friends and colleagues at Wovenmedia. Starting from the marketing and sales team, which is becoming a family for me, and going on with the content team, the developers, designers and even the CEO who constantly checks up on everyone. By sharing with them and with you my small experience, I wish to make you feel that we are all connected and together.

Sometimes it is in the things that we couldn’t imagine that we find pieces of truth; no one would have ever wanted this virus to spread and cause deaths, suffering, and consequences that we have yet to discover. However, I think that this may give us the opportunity to feel more human, more connected to others, more aware even of situations that have nothing to do with the virus, like the problems with healthcare, poverty and non-sheltered people. I hope that when this is over, we will remain this aware and this connected to one another.

I ask each one of you to give a moment of reflection when you finish reading this blog, for Italy, for the whole world, for humanity.

Written by Martina Maffezzini

About Martina Maffezzini

She born in Milan in 1993, is passionate about theatre and marketing has fulfilled a master in Entertainment Management at Università Cattolica , Milan. She is currently pursuing a post degree diploma in Digital Marketing at UC Berkeley and working in the marketing department at Wovenmedia in San Francisco, California.  Her previous experiences include roles in well-known theaters such as Teatro Nazionale di Milano and the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.