The potential of Digital Out-of-Home is wide and vast. With every new opportunity in place-based media, comes a new opportunity for data collection based on targeting, and engagement. There are displays everywhere you go. If they are successful, they’re incorporating some element of interactivity, with the ability for network software and hardware solutions to be flexible and adaptive to their environments and viewers.  To take that success one step further, each DOOH solution needs one top priority integral component  – a creative and dynamic media solution. Any media strategy for an out-of-home media network starts off with development and acquisitions plans around the right programming assets.  In a perfect world, I would recommend the 4K content approach. 

Why 4K Digital Out Of Home Content Matters

Keep in mind a few salient points from a recent research article by LRG: *4K TV is entering a growth stage! What does this mean you may wonder – 4K has been around for years now! To put a fine point on it, realize that the majority of the consumer population still does not have a 4K set. *In 2014, about 1 in every 200 TV households had a 4K TV, which has grown over the past 5 years to about 1 in every 6 households. This means that more and more DOOH consumers are more ready to accept and want to view programming on DOOH screens in 4K. In fact, * 59% of 4K TV owners agree that the picture quality on a 4K TV makes everything look better, even when they are not watching 4K content.

Choose Your Digital Out Of Home Content Partner Wisely

At Wovenmedia, a portion of our library focuses entirely on 4K media.  We scour the partnership landscape to find the best in 4K.  We want to get eyeballs on our client’s screens and the way to do that comes from offering a combination of movie trailers, seasonal sports clips, nature segments, travel shows, cooking recipes and more.  All of these categories make fine 4K choices when considering programming options. You’ll have to be content with these current categories as well, because when it comes to 4K programming, all the choices you have in HDTV content are not equal. Don’t bother looking for your favorite network TV shows, or the latest music video from your favorite artists – yet.

4K Is Great For A “Wow” Factor

The adoption rate from these industry verticals is not there as budgets and resources to support the creation of materials in 4K is still prohibitive. What’s available is a fairly health selection of content that isn’t going to help you at home when you’re watching regular TV, but does give you choices for programming your DOOH network. Studios more and more are releasing their large blockbuster films with 4K Trailers – but don’t expect to actually see the film in 4K at the theater. 

There is a healthy smattering of extreme sports related content that looks beautiful due to the accessibility of 4K cameras on the market these days, but don’t expect the Super Bowl or the NHL playoffs in 4K next season when you’re sitting in your favorite armchair. Ironic, I know. If you, like me, have some premium cable subscriptions to say Netflix or Hulu, then you’ll have more quality choices in 4K shows and promotional videos to boot.

Though the options for 4K content are still limited, they are growing every year so do not be discouraged from programming 4K for DOOH. With side by side comparison to HD, 4K content is definitely the better choice when you want to set up the best media solution for your network, and help show off the fine attributes and features of most TV sets and screens. Quality does in fact often beat quantity. The DOOH environment is competitive. Network operators in DOOH need to do everything possible to stand out from the ever-increasing crowded landscape of TV manufacturer based content, and ads. 4K is great for a “Wow” factor when you want to show something in all it’s amazing clarity and detail. So go ahead, make the leap to 4K sets and media. You’ll find it’s worth it in the end based on overall customer viewer satisfaction. Happy customers mean a happy return for DOOH solutions that focus on engagement.  Just don’t wait too long to get on the 4K bandwagon though because you’ll find yourself out-dated and redundant fast.  Already chomping on the heels of 4K technology is the industry’s next best thing – 8K!

Written by Joellen Jacobs