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Place-Based TV Networks

With Wovenmedia you can broadcast your network anytime, anywhere, to any web-connected screen. All you need is a TV, we provide the rest. We have the hardware to turn your TV/s into web-enabled screens, able to receive the custom channels that you create, from our cloud, all controlled from your laptop or tablet.

Build brand loyalty and promote your products in your store with video
Personalize channels for different store locations in your chain
You install the TV, we’ve got everything else, hardware & software
Easy to learn, drag & drop user interface will have you running the show in no time at all

Online Streaming Networks

Digital signage only allows you to be seen in place-based environments, With Wovenmedia, your network goes everywhere. With our unique platform, you can stream your channels to any web-enabled device. It’s the only platform that can send your network to your TVs in-location, and to your website, smartphones and beyond.

Build your channel, send it everywhere, TVs in-location, web & mobile
Manage all your video assets, and put them to work on any screen
Create different channels for TVs and the web - it’s up to you
Follow-up with customers in store with a video message at home